One More Dream

As usual,
For me to talk to you, you need to come in dreams,
I know in real we are each other’s favourite enemies, but in my dreams we share something without words.
I can easily feel your annoyed mood..
I don’t remember what I had to say, but I’ve to say something
Something:- Take Care, and Keep Smiling, and keep coming in my dreams.

Bye for Now.



Glad You tied knot

 Dear Premanjali,

Glad to know you tied knot.

He must be very special to have you in his life, I pray he fulfils your hunger of love affection and care.

No more grudges from my side.

Whenever I pass those lanes which we passed together, I see your smiling face with tears in it.

Sometimes I feel annoying remembering your curse, I too wished you too get hurt as for those moments which you did the same.

Girl You are beautiful, I saw your face in a crowded place, and I don’t know what to do.

You know you are the most beautiful girl who came in my life, your golden shining dusky colour with your glittering smile was beautiful.

I’m still the same careless, irritating boy.

PS: May God embrace you only baby girl and baby boy.

Lots of Love,


Debt Returned

You asked to take care of someone who will come in life..

I took care and Pardoned her with my small will to accept it..

But kept my promise to you..

My revenge with the Mighty God is now over..

I can’t neither Smile nor cry..

They say I’ve shrunk my life, but they don’t know

that I’ve expanded it so much that It contains only 

One dream of being together

I returned my Debt.


I Still Love You

P.S. I Loved You.

What I did is coming back to me..

I didn’t cared for you just for my friends and now she doesn’t take care of mine because she take care of her friends..

Einstein was right 

“Affection cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

I miss you badly..

But I still find you everyday in my dreams seeing you happy..

making new friends..

good you see you happy, making me satisfied.. 


I Loved You.

A Dream With Diamond Ring.

I Saw a Girl in a Party,

She was Happy, Very Happy..

Wearing golden Lehnga..

Smiling while watching me..

and Showinggg.. me her “Platinum” Ring with a Diamond.. with a glowing grin..

and was the most beautiful woman in the world..

It was her engagement Party.

and that was a Dream..

I couldn’t make you Happy in real.. though I’m there for you in my Dreams..


I Loved You.

I’m Sorry Dear

I’m Sorry For what i’ve done,

I’m Sorry For What You have Done..

I pray please do not hurt yourself..

For me, for yourself or for anyone..

you are the god’s own Creativity..

please enjoy yourself and your life..

make it King Size..

you are the person who made me feel i’ve grown from a lad to a man..

you furnished me..

made me..

loved me..

you are the One Who made feel like am the King,,

i couldn’t made you my Queen..

I’m Sorry.


I Loved You.